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                         Testimonials Page......Our Happy Customers!

A Big Thank You to all my customers who kindly kept in touch

and allowed me to use their photos and comments!
We have 100% feedback off all our customers and are very
proud of our enviable reputation !
 Sept 2009 "Candy" (cream sable) and Lizzie in her new Home in Scotland!  

 "hi nikki
Just to let u know that I have named her candy :D and that she had settled in great and  slept fine last night she was a little sick in the car on the way home think it may have been travel sickness as she has been fine all day to day my mum couldnt get to brush the floor as she kept chasing the brush :P
everyone i have met so far had loved her i took her to the pet shop today to get a few things coller shampoo ect... and everyone was amazed with her and a few people actually thought she was a chow chow
She is the best little thing ever and i just love her so much and so does my boyfriend .He may spoiled her   more than i will which i did not expect he loves to carry her everywere
so i would just like to say thank you very much she is a great little dog! "
 thank you
                 lizzi x

  Many Thanks to Lizzie,

                                              Edinburgh,Scotland.Sept 2009.                                                      


 "Hi Nikki
 I received the certificate day for mini monster lol     She?s so loveable..   I don?t watch the telly anymore just what      she is up to next lol

 My cat is a laugh though he has taken to hiding behind curtains then pounces on Killer when she isn?t watching!

 She has chewed our telephone wires and had no phone for four days lol  But she?s class!"

Many Thanks To Lucia,

Belfast ,Ireland.Sept 2009.



Dec 2009 Cecilia & Mochi (orange & white girl!) now in Sussex.UK

Hi Nikki,
Just want to leave a testimonial for your page.
We have named her Mochi, she is absolutly fluffy and adorable.
She is really super tiny, and very independent as well..
She is such a clever girl, she just needs lots of attention and love.
And everyone just loves her.
Thank you again Nikki for training her to go to the toilet beforehand,
coz she already know where her puppy pad is and go toilet in the pad.
Best regards,
Cecilia and Mochi.Dec 2009

 Thank You Cecilia!Many Thanks.2009


Sisse from Denmark

Our first export 2011

Nikki thank you so much for sorting out my beautiful little boys passport and collecting us from the airport so we could view mum ,dad and siblings.He is adorable and we all got home safely and he travelled to Denamrk well.It was a long joiurney but he is so settled and happy .We adore him and he was very much worth the wait!

I am very happy that I went all the way to England to get my Baloo. He is the cutest dog ever with the mildest temper! I can surely recommend

Kind regards Sisse 2011.
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