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                                                          PRICE  LIST   2020

Mini  Pomeranians  Puppy  Price List  


        GIRLS  and  BOYS  £3900   each for  all colours except :

Cream ,Cream sable  ,  which are  £3900 - 4500 each

White & Boo colour : £4900-5900


Please note the white are still very rare and sought after and it is a minimum of 6-12 months on the waiting list for a white or boo colour.


If you are looking for a 'Boo Dog 'you will need the ' Apricot 'colour (Also a big waiting list for this colour!) And Jiffy Pom is light orange

Please note that clipping your pomeranian must be done by a professional dog groomer.

Please fill in a reservation form here to be added to our waiting list.


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